Attract Clients with Lawtica

Learn how you can attract clients to your legal practice by joining Lawtica.

What is Lawtica? hosts a free law library and a directory of legal professionals. Members feature in the directory and provide content for the library.

It is a win-win service for members and their potential clients. The library improves search engine rankings and attracts internet traffic. Visitors are then referred to specific members for the advice or services they need.


How does Lawtica generate referrals?

We generate referrals for members by a combination of exclusive promotion, search engine visibility, active marketing, member introductions and visitor referrals.

1. Exclusive promotion

We promote you and only you within your market. Your directory listing is exclusive. You are not commodified or ranked alongside your competitors.

Membership includes your own landing page with your location, practice area, contact information, photograph, biography, call to action, links to all articles and a messaging service.

We want to make your Lawtica page better at driving business to you than your own website. Keep reading to find out how.

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2. Search engine visibility

Our law library improves search engine visibility. The more content the more likely that search engine users will find Lawtica. They find us and then, if they are in your market, they find you and only you.

3. Active marketing

We enhance your online presence by promoting you on major social media platforms: Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; and Google+.

We post about you, the services you offer and the articles you publish with us. We promote you within lists and networks hosted by those social media platforms. We can ‘like’ your posts and ‘retweet’ your tweets.

We can also reach out to your existing connections to help them remember you, and you can expand your network by connecting with our followers online.

4. Introductions and referrals

We promote referrals between members. We can introduce you to other members, explain what you do and the kinds of referrals you can accept.

We also have an ‘ask for help’ function on our website, where clients can contact us if they cannot find what they are looking for. We refer those enquiries to you in appropriate cases.

5. Staying relevant

We are constantly updating our magazine-style website with new content, making connections and promoting our members. These aside, other measures to attract repeat visitors include an email notifications service, memorable nautical theme and attractive user interface.

The Lawtica brand associates with a voyage: exploration of the law; navigation through legal expertise; and discovery answers. We use imagery to reinforce that association. It makes our website stand out and fun to use.

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How is Lawtica different?

Lawtica is different from online promotional tools because we provide person-to-person service, we do not commodify our members and we help them succeed.

1. We do not commodify you

Some directories tend to commodify professionals. They do this by producing lists of professionals who are in competition with each other. You are presented as just one of many, and standing out in that list can be problematic.

We do not rank you alongside your competitors. People who use us to find legal professionals in your market find you and only you.

2. Person-to-person service

Some online directories operate like phone books. They list your name and contact information and then leave you to hope someone sees and acts on that listing. Then they might ask you to renew your listing at the end of the year.

We actively engage with our members about their content and how they are promoted by our service throughout each year.

If someone contacts us using our ‘ask for help’ function then we will refer them to you in appropriate cases. This is not an automated service, so you can be sure we will do what we reasonably can to direct referrals to you.

3. We help you to succeed

There is no point joining us if you do not get results. We recognise this and it motivates us to help you succeed.

We can help you with information about the kinds of articles that are most likely to get you noticed, best practice guidance for drafting and information about who is reading your articles.

Do members contribute to the law library?


Contributing articles to the law library is a condition of membership. Lawtica cannot maintain and improve search engine visibility without regular articles. Members must contribute at least one article in each season for every year of their membership.

We can help you improve results achieved by your articles with advice about topics and drafting as well as analytics.

Can I contribute articles I have already published elsewhere?


You can recycle articles previously published on your own website, or anywhere at all so long as:

  1. you have the right to do so; and
  2. the articles are up to date.

Can I contribute more articles than the minimum?


You can submit as many additional articles as you like. Please note there is a USD$75 publication and promotion fee for each additional article.

Are there quality controls?


Lawtica is not a passive hosting service or open access forum. We actively manage content and memberships. All members and articles are reviewed by living, breathing staff. We do not automate these aspects of our operation.

Inappropriate membership applications are not approved. Content will not feature on Lawtica if it does not comply with our Content Requirements.

Do I retain control over my content?


You can ask us to amend or remove any content contributed by you at any time. Note that any articles removed from our law library may need to be substituted with others to maintain the number required by the terms of membership.

Is there a cost to become a member?


We cannot provide the marketing services we offer without associated cost. Membership costs USD$655. This covers an 18 month initial term, as new members receive an additional six months free on a standard 12 month membership.

How long does a membership last for?

One year, ordinarily.

A typical membership must be renewed each year. However, we do offer an additional six months free to new members.

We want our members to receive strong returns on investment, but Lawtica is a new service and immediate results are unlikely for that reason. The free six months covers that initial period of time within which new members are embedded into our referral network and their content optimised for search engine visibility. That is not to suggest there will be any kind of delay on our part. It is just that better search engine visibility can take time.

Is renewal assured?


Members are not at risk of losing their exclusive listings to competitors at the end of each membership term. Renewal is assured so long as there is compliance with the terms and conditions of membership.

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Competitors: Legal service providers carrying on business in the same market.

Market: An area of legal practice carried on within a physical area agreed between a Lawtica member and us.

Us: DRF Ltd, a New Zealand registered company. DRF Ltd owns and operates the service known as ‘Lawtica’ carried on through the website and associated social media platforms.